Welcome to BC&E USA, LLC's unique biochar product, Carbonsyte!


BC&E USA, LLC is pleased to announce the development of Carbonsyte, a series of carbon black products designed to provide the formulating chemist with a novel engineered material.

Carbonsyte is produced as a carbon blended product to meet customer specifications and to encourage the development of new products that incorporate carbon black in their formulation. Examples include semi-reinforcement for rubber, color in ink, paint, plastics and coatings, activated carbon and special soil amendments found in “biochar” recipes.

Our customers will be thrilled at the savings in both raw material costs and time that the Carbonsyte material provides. This new material will become a standard tool for rubber, plastic, ink, coatings and adhesives formulators. Agricultural experts are already praising the soil improvement and moisture retention created by the use of Carbonsyte.

Please feel free to investigate the various applications and benefits of Carbonsyte. Our experienced and professional team of experts is here to answer any questions you may have. We are dedicated to providing you with reliable and dependable carbon black products on each and every order and will always take the time to understand exactly what you want so we can provide the best Carbonsyte blend possible.

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BC&E USA, LLC's Advanced Pyrolysis System (APS) effectively converts bio feedstock into Carbonsyte.


About Carbonsyte

Carbonsyte is biochar, an amazing material that brings properties to soil that cannot be achieved with other traditional soil amendments.



Carbonsyte is a versatile product series engineered for unlimited purposes, our formulators will create a product for your unique demands.

Major Benefits

Major Benefits

The manufacturing of our biochar product Carbonsyte has several distinctive effects in soil, it also plays a significant role in water conservation.